Tim Wendel Group Performances

I'm excited to have a short run with some of my favorite musicians in Colorado and elsewhere as we form a quintet featuring original music and select covers.  Josh Reed (trumpet), Mike Cemprola (woodwinds), Zack Teran (bass), and Dru Heller (percussion) will join together for the first time as an ensemble, performing at Caffe`Sole (8/3) and Nocturne Jazz and Supper Club (8/4).

New Album Recording Project in August 2018; Performance at Dazzle

I'm excited to record my first album as a leader this August!  It'll feature my original compositions, with Josh Reed (trumpet), Mike Cemprola (woodwinds), Heath Walton (woodwinds), Tim Brey (piano), Zack Teran (bass), and Alwyn Robinson (percussion).  Plans are for a release by December of 2018.  The band will perform at Dazzle @ Baur's on Tuesday July 31st at 7 pm before going into the studio the next day!